The facilities campaign is, through various means, accessible for anyone who wants to know more about the facility situation in Stockholm. We are happy to pay a visit to you and your club, discuss the specifics of your facility situation and how we can improve it together. If you would rather visit us, our address is Västra Vägen 5A in Solna.

We also participate in many football events throughout Stockholm. You can find locations and dates below.

You are welcome to drop-by and chat about facilities with us.

Invigning Örby IP


Inauguration of new areas surfaced with artificial turf

  • Information on locations and dates for inaugurations will be released in the spring of 2018.

Gärdet’s Sports Day  – Stockholm Football Association unites

Together with Djurgården IF and Värtan IK, the Stockholm Football Association will host a large sports festival on Gärdet’s Sports Field on Sweden’s National Day. More details to follow.

  • 6 June, Gärdet’s Sports Field.

St. Erik’s Cup day at Tele2 Arena

  • September – October. Date to be released in May.


Inauguration of new areas surfaced with artificial turf

The facilities campaign will take part in the following inaugurations:

  • 13 May, Gärdesskolan’s football pitch (5-a-side pitch)
  • 10 June, Örby BP (7)
  • 18 June, Husby Multi-sports Arena
  • 16 September, Axelsbergs BP (11)

UEFA League Final

In Stockholm, the major football event of 2017 will be the UEFA League Final which will be played on 24 May at the Friends Arena. In connection with the final, many events will take place around Stockholm. It goes without saying that we will take part, so book in one of the following dates for a visit to our football tent.

Trophy Tour

Europa League Cup arrives in Stockholm.

  • 22 – 23 April, Mall of Scandinavia

UEFA Fan Zone Kungsträdgården

  • 20 – 21 May, the Stockholm Football Association will fill Kungsträdgården with a host of football activities.

Inauguration of the UEFA Maxi Pitch

In conjunction with the UEFA League Final, UEFA will donate a Maxi Pitch (5-a-side public pitch) to the City of Stockholm in recognition of their hosting the event. The pitch will be located in Husby.

  • 23 May, inauguration with mini-cup tournament.

St. Erik’s Cup day at Tele2 Arena

  • 17 September, the Project is on-location during the Tele2 day event.