Since 2016 and in collaboration with the Swedish Football Association and UEFA, the Stockholm Football Association has run the facilities campaign project with the objective of increasing the pace of football pitch construction in Stockholm. The project will last for 3 years and run until mid 2019.

The project was launched in the autumn of 2016 with the identification of areas in Stockholm suitable for artificial turf surfacing. All available gravel pitches, school playgrounds and park areas with the potential to be transformed into a football area were surveyed and documented.

On the website, you can find data about these areas and, where there is available information, dates given for when these areas will be surfaced with artificial turf. You can also find information about artificial turf pitches completed from 2016 onwards.

The project has developed a facilities vision for how football activities in the City of Stockholm should be operated in the future. Stockholm is the fastest growing city in Europe. By 2020, the population will exceed one million residents. In 2040, the population will exceed 1.3 million residents and, in 2050, it is estimated that Stockholm County will have 3.4 million residents. With this rate of growth, we must already in 2018, set a plan in motion for where in Stockholm residents will pursue football activities from 2020 onwards. You can read more about the Stockholm Football Association’s vision for facilities on under the menu tab VIS2020.



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