FIFA skärper kraven på infill-fria konstgräsplaner

FIFA skärper kraven på infill-fria konstgräsplaner

Non-filled and sand-dressed artificial turf systems

Zurich, 13 December 2018

The recent discussion and concerns regarding potential health and safety risks and the environmental impact of artificial turf fields with (SBR) performance infill encouraged many manufacturers of artificial football turf t0 invest in the development of non-filled or sand-dressed artificial turf systems that can be used for football. FIFA recognises and supports this development. seeing its potential to mitigate two concerns that are raised by communities, clubs and players.

However, for the certification to the FIFA Quality or FIFA Quality Pro Standard FIFA is specifically looking at performance and safety requirements which are relevant for players to perform at their highest level. Non-filled or sand-dressed systems are currently considered to be more abrasive to the skin as currently they have different technical characteristics when compared to the existing 36 systems. This more abrasive effect increases with time and increased wear of the fields.

Therefore, FIFA decided that all non-filled and sand-dressed systems that may have passed the FIFA laboratory test in accordance with the 2015 Handbook of Requirements version 25 or older will lose their product approval and have t0 be re—tested to the 2015 Handbook of Requirements version 2.6, In this version an additional skin friction/skin abrasion test after mechanical wear (Lisport XL) has been added t0 protect the well-being of the players.

FIFA will closely monitor the development of non-filled and sand-dressed systems in the coming months and work closely with the FIFA licensed football turf manufacturers to further improve these systems and support the introduction of new and innovative football turf systems that offer solutions to aforementioned issue.

For further information about the Football Quality Program or the testing procedure for artificial football turf please visit

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